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Duality trend: color of the month, July 2023

The Power of Two:

Why Lava and Balsam are the Perfect Pair for the Duality Trend

Finding balance has always been a core principle of design.

Choosing the right elements is essential to create a space that is calming and visually pleasing - that’s why it’s no surprise that the duality trend has been gaining popularity over the last several months.

This concept is all about finding beauty in the juxtaposition of light and dark, warm and cool, hard and soft ... balances that are unusual, but can be achieved with the right colors and textures. 

Finding Balance: Using Duality in Design

Duality revolves around the idea of bringing together various elements of our lives to create a space that is not only functional and comfortable but also a reflection of our personal style. This approach emphasizes the importance of incorporating different aspects of our lives into our surroundings in order to create a truly unique and meaningful space.

At its core, duality embraces the idea of harmony, recognizing that there is no single color or style that is inherently superior. It encourages a more open-minded approach to design, where contrasting elements can come together in a cohesive way.

Rather than adhering to strict rules or conventions, the duality trend invites us to explore the many different facets of design and embrace the beauty that can be found in unexpected pairings.

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Bold Modernity Meets Soft Timelessness

Duality can be created with a wide variety of color pairings, but we believe that there’s one duo that embodies this trend like no other: Lava and Balsam.

A stunning contrast of light and dark, Lava and Balsam work together to form a space that’s equal parts modern and timeless. The former is a light black with subtle yellow undertones, while the latter is a misty blue-green that almost resembles the patina that forms on old copper. It's a matte color that's both soft and bold, making it perfect for creating contrast and balance in any room.

duality trend in design

Lava is a distinctive shade of black that mimics obsidian. At first glance the volcanic gemstone may simply appear black, but upon deeper inspection you can see shades of dark bronze-green with a slightly metallic iridescent sheen. These nuances appear in nature due to tiny layers of gas bubbles trapped in magma as it solidifies; in decor it creates a rich appearance that is more than meets the eye. This makes it a striking, contemporary color that will elevate any space.

The warm, seafoam-like tones of Balsam make it Lava’s perfect partner. Like the hues of soft waves crashing against the rugged shores of a tropical island, this duo proves that there is plenty of beauty to be found both in darkness and light. 

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Bringing it Together: Combining Lava and Balsam

Incorporating Lava and Balsam into your design will feel as natural as yin and yang.

You can use them as accents, such as throw pillows or a rug, or you can make them the main colors of a room. No matter how you use them, Lava and Balsam are the perfect way to embrace the duality trend and create a space that's both functional and beautiful.



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