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At Universal Fibers® we believe the greatest threat to our environment is climate change, and that minimizing our carbon footprint is the most significant way we can keep nature and all its inhabitants thriving together. For over 50 years, we’ve pioneered sustainable practices in the development and production of high-performance carpet fibers, and we continue to evolve those practices.

No fads. No greenwashing. We prefer solutions with impact that can be cleanly measured and independently certified, across our operations and our supply chain. We are relentless in our pursuit of less carbon, less waste, and less water.

Sustainability is not just an initiative, but an intrinsic value within Universal Fibers®. Our mission is to create products, processes, and transparency tools that enrich and inspire our industry and also to protect our planet, without sacrificing one for the other.

EnLIST is the four-point framework we developed to track our impact in key areas.

Life Cycle Analysis factors in sourcing, transport, manufacture, install, use and retirement.

Impact Measurement is independently verified, for our “bottom line” metrics.
Social Responsibility grounds our efforts in our purpose to positively serve people and humanity.

Transparency in content and process is verified by independent certifiers.

Read our latest Corporate Sustainability Report to learn how we’re doing against that bottom line.

As we continually strive to achieve our eco-objectives, our methods and goals evolve along the way. We prefer solutions with impact that can be cleanly measured and independently certified, across our operation and our supply chain. We manage everything we do to a simple bottom line: less carbon, cleaner air, less water, and less waste. 

We care deeply about our communities, from our team at Universal Fibers®, to our partners and clients around the globe. This is what fuels our commitment to protecting the place we all call home.


Download our Green Rating System Scorecard, and see find out how Thrive® matter can add value to various Green Rating Systems.

Here at Universal Fibers®, we know that sustainability terms and verbiage can sometimes be open to interpretation. So, in the true spirit of Transparency, we thought it necessary to make sure our intentions and verbiage are clear and concise.

We have compiled a list of FAQ’s that help answer common questions we receive around sustainability and our work towards lowering our carbon footprint.

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