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Animate Color of the Month - February 2024

Indulge in the ultimate color of desire this February

As we roll into the most romantic month of the year, we can’t help but embrace classic emblems of love. There are certain shades that exude passion, devotion, and excitement; and many of them fall under the wider umbrella of red.

From rosy pinks to deep wines, these commanding hues are ideal for adorning everything from chocolate boxes to the surfaces in our most intimate spaces. 

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This month’s color is Burgundy.

Rich and sophisticated, this distinct shade is defined by its dark, reddish-purple undertones. It can be naturally found in some of the world’s most lavish treasures: full-bodied wines, rubies and garnets, pomegranates, and black cherries. A visual treat in any form, burgundy embodies the luxe side of winter traditions. 


Show Off Your

Bold Side

February 2024 color of the month - interiors

Burgundy boasts a distinctly powerful aura that makes heads turn. Whether used as a small accent or a main feature, this unique shade of red is sure to get your heart racing and your emotions stirred. It can encourage feelings of confidence and ambition, perhaps enticing you to take a leap of faith into the unknown - the perfect stimulant for the start of the transitional period between seasons.


Getting Up Close & Personal With Burgundy

Burgundy has long been a winter classic, reigning supreme in interior decor, fashion, and beauty palettes during the colder months. Its sumptuous tones are an excellent choice for cozy yet luxurious interiors.  The color pairs beautifully with soft neutrals and bold metallics alike. Those that truly want to make a burgundy statement can experiment with other deep jewel tones, such as teal green or sapphire blue. 

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Burgundy can enrich a wide variety of design aesthetics, from chic art deco abodes with gilded accents to rustic bohemian interiors with earthy color stories. It’s striking enough to make a statement even on smaller pieces of furniture, yet refined enough that it can be used as a main color in central spaces. The flexibility of use with this color allows for beautiful use in resimercial environments as well. Whether you’re revitalizing an existing interior or creating something brand new, burgundy brings an unrivaled sense of elegance to any room.

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Into the Deep

Our color of the month will be your key to creating a space that stimulates the senses. With its cool yet fiery undertones, it epitomizes timeless luxury. This February, let Burgundy be your representation of all things passionate and beautiful. 

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