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Animate Color of the Month - November 2023

Retro classics get a contemporary upgrade this November

November marks the beginning of the holiday season, a time filled with lavish treats and nostalgia. It’s the perfect month to embrace the last of fall’s vibrance before officially settling into the cool tones that define winter.

Lustrous metallics in retro-inspired hues are excellent shades to indulge in this month. They introduce us to the opulence of the festivities that we have begun enjoying, while flawlessly embodying nature’s splendor during this magical season. 

This month’s color is New Leaf, color 4-283

This yellow-green metallic is a sumptuous revival of the distinctive 70s avocado shade. With its warm undertones and boldly lustrous finish, New Leaf feels modern and undeniably elegant. The once-dated shade has been transformed into a raw-silky treasure, blending nature’s beauty with contemporary sophistication. 



A Tribute To Nature’s Abundance

Once dubbed “color that mimics a new kind of luxury consumption, underpinned by the concept of natural healthfulness,” New Leaf brings a certain freshness to a time of year often associated with a the cold and darkness. Reminding us that, although the days are growing shorter, November is a time of abundance that comes with its own set of joys. The earthy tones that define the color mirror the beauty found in nature, be it a transitioning forest or a plate filled with delicious seasonal produce.  


New Leaf In The Modern Palette

In an industry where nature-inspired motifs have reigned supreme for the past few years, New Leaf makes a welcome addition to a wide variety of design projects. It complements on-trend biophilic interiors while honoring the traditional palette of the holiday season. The green and yellow undertones bring a natural feel to the shade, while the heavy metallic finish offers an air of luxury and refinement that elevates any space.


New Leaf works for a wide variety of design styles, from maximalist to bohemian and mid century modern. The rich metallic hue can be harmoniously combined with neutrals for a calm, sophisticated atmosphere, or used as an extravagant accent when paired with complementary earth tones or soft pastels. It pairs perfectly with natural materials like wood, stone, and brass, bringing you the best of versatility and style. Whether you're redecorating your living space for the season or working on a commercial project, New Leaf's adaptability and unique luster will set your design project apart.


Fresh Elegance

Our color of the month is an embodiment of revitalized luxury. Understated yet striking, it will become a talking point whether used as a primary shade or an accent color. This November, let New Leaf be your choice for adding a touch of opulence and natural beauty to your favorite spaces.

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