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Did you know that Universal Fibers is not just a fibre manufacturer but a trailblazer in sustainable innovation?

First in the World: Universal Fibers pioneered solution-dyed nylon (SDN) over 50 years ago, revolutionizing the industry with unique, high-performing products that are colourfast and made through a waterless dyeing process. We were also the FIRST and only manufacturer to introduce a carbon negative nylon fibre with Thrive® matter, which remains the lowest carbon footprint fibre in the industry today. 

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Global Impact: At the very core of our business lies an unwavering commitment to pioneering eco-conscious solutions in the world of fibres. Not only took did we take the lead by becoming the FIRST to incorporate post-consumer content reclaimed from old carpet fibre, but we also empowered our innovation team to achieve more with less – less water, less carbon, and less waste. 

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Bio Yarn Development: Imagine a bio-yarn made with annually renewable, non-food plant-based materials – we didn't just imagine it, we made it happen! Universal Fibers proudly stands as the FIRST to create this eco-friendly gem, proving that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.


Innovation Hub: Our commitment to R&D isn't just a statement; it's our way of life. We are constantly pushing the boundaries, setting new standards, and redefining what's possible in the world of fibres.  We are redefining the industry's approach to environmental stewardship, ensuring that our journey is marked by continuous innovation and efficiency.

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Art & Science collide: The fusion of creativity and innovation drives us to create beautiful environmentally conscious fibres, shaping a future where aesthetics and sustainability coexist seamlessly. We scientifically developed a colour system to deliver virtually any colour in the spectrum. In a world of limitless colour, our clients can achieve their vision with Universal Color®. 

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Beyond Fibers: From responsible sourcing to community engagement, we weave our values into every fibre. We're not just making materials; we're making a difference. Our innovative High Bulk/Low Weight finishing capabilities not only achieve exceptional carpet performance but also drives down product and shipping costs, all while reducing the overall carbon footprint.

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Shaping the Future: Join us in creating a better future where sustainability meets excellence. Universal Fibers isn't just shaping fibre; we're shaping tomorrow, one groundbreaking milestone at a time.

Universal Fibers Milestones:
1970 -FIRST to develop Solution Dye Technology in a broad colour palette.
1994 -FIRST to market post-industrial content (40% recycled content in 90 colour palette).
2007 -FIRST to use post-consumer content from waste carpets.
2014 -Introduced the FIRST fibre derived from Bio content.
2016 -Launched Thrive® fibre *Winner of Best of NeoCon Innovation Award
2021 -Launched Thrive® matter, the world’s FIRST and ONLY carbon negative nylon fibre.
2022 -Universal Fibers is recognized as a virtual zero waste company.
2024 -Thrive® matter becomes Cradle2Cradle v4 silver and gold certified.

Discover the extraordinary in every strand – the Universal Fibers way.

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