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Universal Fibers nylon 6,6

Choose Nylon 6,6 for the Performance Win.


If your goal is to take your project to the next level by utilizing sustainable and attractive materials, then Universal Fibers has a perfect solution in our nylon 6,6 products. 

When walking into a business, hospital, or school, there is an expectation of upkeep, cleanliness, and style from visitors. The look and feel of public spaces like these can help visitors determine if they want to purchase goods, choose a doctor, or enroll their children.

The design of these spaces must reflect a feeling of comfort to the people who walk in the door, which can be provided through something as simple as the carpeting. 
Universal Fibers nylon 6,6 fiber is a high-performance, sustainable ingredient that makes carpets and your businesses look better for the long haul. 

Carpet fibers, at their most basic, are the threads that make-up carpeting. Nylon 6,6 fiber is the luxury suite of carpet fiber, as it provides many inherent benefits to those who use it in their businesses and large-scale projects.

Nylon 6,6 fiber products have been proven to make carpets look newer for longer, providing the user with quantifiable time and money savings. For this reason, nylon 6,6 fiber products are specified regularly and requested time and time again by architects, interior designers, and carpet customers. Carpeting with Universal Fibers nylon 6,6 fiber products keep spaces looking fresh and new, even in high-traffic areas prone to spills and stains. 

The fine points of fiber

nylon 6 vs nylon 66 structure

Universal Fibers works down to the most finite details when creating a high-quality carpet fiber. For example, our nylon 6,6 fibers are made with a tighter molecular structure than alternative nylon or polyester products. This tight, symmetrical design provides a strong, dense advantage, helping carpeting keep its shape, ultimately resisting crushing and matting. Premium performance advantages are also achieved by the high melt point and low flammability in type 6,6 nylon fiber, making it resistant to frictional heating that can impact new carpet appearance and wear.

The time and research put into creating Universal Fibers nylon 6,6 products have resulted in carpeting that can handle heavy traffic over years of wear and retain its original structure, style, and color.

generic Colors (4)-2Universal Fibers believes in creating products through processes that enrich and inspire our industry and protect our planet without sacrificing one for the other. All Universal Fibers nylon 6,6 products contain a minimum of 20% recycled content with a total of up to 90% recycled content. Our nylon 6,6 products are inherently stain resistant, recyclable, contain no red-list ingredients, and are certified with the industry's lowest CO2 generation in production.

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