Discover How Universal Fibers’ Commitments Align With Industry Trends

Weaving Sustainability into everyday Lifestyles

In the  ever-changing design landscape, sustainability isn't merely an option. It's a necessity. What once was considered a hindsight is now at the forefront of virtually every business and consumer decision, impacting how both parties will interact with each other and move forward into the future. 

The 2023 Global Sustainable Development Report by the United Nations highlights that as a world we are at a pivotal juncture. Whilst the report highlights a sense of urgency, it also imparts a sense of hope. Titled “Times of Crisis, Times of Change: Science for Accelerating Transformations to Sustainable Development", it highlights the vital role of science and innovation. At Universal Fibers, we can say with confidence that continual innovation in developing sustainable fibre solutions is the foundation of our business.

Universal Fibers has long been a pioneer of sustainable practices, from our days of resource conservation in the 70s to the introduction of our EnLIST™ environmental stewardship commitment in more recent years. 

Sustainability at the Heart of Universal Fibers®

At Universal Fibers, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's ingrained in our DNA. 

Our commitment to sustainability predates any current trends. With our focus on traceable raw materials and resource-efficient manufacturing processes, we've been leaders in sustainable fibre technology since the beginning. From our early days of crafting fibre through a waterless, solution-dye method, to our latest innovation, Thrive® matter, the world’s most sustainable nylon carpet fibre, our projects always reflect our enduring commitment to sustainability. This month we even announced that Thrive® matter nylon 6 fiber has achieved two C2C Certified Material Health Certificates™ at Silver and Gold levels, as verified by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. This is one of the first such certificates to be issued to any fiber under the Institute’s rigorous new Version 4 standard. To further cement our continued dedication of environmental stewardship, Universal Fibers has developed the EnLIST™ commitment. “EnLIST” is our pour-point commitment to Environmental Stewardship, which includes “Life cycle Analysis – Impact – Social Responsibility – and Transparency” this ‘commitment-compass’ serves as the cornerstone of our sustainability efforts,  encompassing the full spectrum of environmentally responsible practices throughout our entire business chain, marking our pledges to product life cycle analysis, reducing our environmental impact, engaging in social responsibility, and providing full transparency to our clients and stakeholders. 

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Harmonizing with Industry Trends

It is reassuring to see the commercial sector promoting the importance of sustainable design and build. Interior Design magazine unveiled it’s 2023 Sustainability Giants in May 2023 highlighting why sustainability matters to design firms by acknowledging that sustainability has become big business because it’s good business.

It was no surprise that Gensler’s led the sustainability giants. So as giants in sustainable fiber manufacturing, we took a closer look at their 2023 design forecast report: The future of sustainable commercial interiors as published in Commercial Interior Design.

Trend 01: 
Carbon performance certifications will increase in importance across global real estate in the immediate future. 

We are delighted to be leading the field in this area, having developed the first and only carbon negative nylon fiber with Thrive® matter, which remains the lowest carbon footprint fiber in the industry today.  

Trend 02: 
Europe will chart a course toward regenerative systems. The Middle East will follow suit.
Universal Fibers celebrated the grand opening of its new plant in Europe in May 2019. As a global company, our leading technologies from the U.S. and Asia are now deployed locally in the European market. 


Trend 03: 
Transforming Existing Buildings and Materials With Reuse Strategies Will Supersede New Construction.
We have embraced reuse strategies in our business from the beginning, becoming the first manufacturer to incorporate post-consumer content reclaimed from old carpet fibre. Fast forward to Thrive® matter, which is GreenCircle Certified as using 100% recycled resin for a total of 90% recycled content. And each of our Thrive® family products are 100% recyclable.


As the impact of the climate crisis becomes more apparent, it’s not enough for brands to simply reduce their environmental impact. Consumers are seeking game-changing sustainability solutions that enhance their lives while being kind to the planet. Universal Fibers embraces this ethos, continually striving to create products that go above and beyond existing industry standards. Some of our biggest accomplishments include introducing the first solution-dyed fibre in a broad colour palette, allowing our customers to enjoy textiles with superior colorfastness made with minimal water and heating requirements, as well as our Thrive® matter carpet fibre, the first and only nylon fiber certified with a carbon negative footprint.

Behind these solutions, however, must lie a solid foundation of honesty and virtue. In an industry filled with greenwashing claims, Universal Fibers is dedicated to providing clients and stakeholders with full transparency about our sustainability mission and supply chain. By providing public access to our Environmental Product Declarations, C2C Certified Material Health Certificates™, and obtaining GreenCircle Certifications on both our embodied carbon footprints and our recycled content, our customers can rest assured they are always up to date with our most relevant sustainability information, provided with full, third-party verified transparency.

Join Us On Our Sustainability Mission

Sustainability is an ongoing journey that Universal Fibers is proud to be part of. We recognize that every step we take is one towards a better future for all, which is why we continually evaluate and elevate the measures we take. We hope you’ll join us on this mission of shaping an industry that benefits both the planet and its people. 


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