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Winter 2024 EU Colour Trends

Winter Color Inspiration:

A Symphony of Nature’s Hues

As we embrace nature’s serene hibernation, winter calls for colours woven for the season.

Winter trend color pairings

Envision a tranquil morning bathed in the delicate glow of velvety Bisque, a canvas of pure softness and tranquility. As the sun bids a cloud-covered farewell, the sky transforms into a masterpiece adorned with rose-red hues reminiscent of Flamingo plumage. This subtle, vibrant red tone gracefully enhances winter evenings, insisting on reveling in the beauty of simplicity.

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Cappuccino, a warm, dark reddish-brown, echoes the essence of kindled firewood. Wrapped in a soft blanket, sipping a hot beverage by the fireplace, cocooned in the comforting tones of Cappuccino, evokes feelings of warmth and relaxation.

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When venturing outdoors, the landscape transitions into a rich, deep hue of Cognac. This sophisticated amber not only echoes the strength of winter but also embodies the season’s knack for cultivating resilience and beauty amidst its harshest moments.

Winter trend color 04

Wintergreen, a cool, invigorating, blue-influenced green, punctuates the season with freshness. From evergreen trees standing tall to the crisp winter air, Wintergreen encapsulates the spirit of renewal that winter ushers in. 

Winter trend color 07

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Winter Color Inspiration unfolds as a celebration of diverse hues – from the delicate warmth of Bisque (3-237) to the vibrant elegance of Flamingo (2-429), the comforting embrace of Cappuccino (6-666), the rich sophistication of Cognac (6-685), and the refreshing coolness of Wintergreen (4-279)

Whether in combination or stand-alone, allow these colours to gently guide your winter experiences, transforming each moment into a masterpiece woven with the most exquisite shades nature has to offer.

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Coordinate with our winter trend palette or pick your own perfect pairings of go-to colour, Universal Fibers® has a hue to feed your design inspiration.

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